Crane overturn in Ruhrgebiet

A five axle All Terrain crane overturned last week in Menzelen/Wesel in Germany’s Ruhr valley region/Ruhrgebiet.

The five axle Tadano from the Schweri crane rental fleet overturned last Wednesday onto a supermarket building that it was helping construct in Menzelen/Wesel north west of Duisburg, North Rhine Westphalia in Germany.
The scene shortly after the incident occurred (photo courtesy: Feuerwehr)

The crane had much, if not all of its main boom extended and elevated to an angle of below 45 degrees while lifting a relatively light composite wood beam over the rear. We understand that the outrigger set up and ground conditions did not play a part in the overturn, but that lack of sufficient counterweight and incorrect programming of the overload system may have played a part in allowing the crane to have gone over.

Two people were injured in the incident, one of which was airlifted to hospital, thankfully nether sustained a serious injury and both were released later in the day.