Potain's biggest Euro crane

The Potain division of Manitowoc has announced a new tower crane, the 40 tonne Potain MDLT 1109, its largest crane for the European market to date. It will be manufactured at the Potain plant in Moulins, France.

The MDLT 1109 ‘low top crane, is aimed at meeting a rising demand in Europe for larger capacity cranes to handle the heavier prefabricated elements being used in construction. It also adopts a more compact design, while meeting the latest needs for easier transport and erection.
The crane can be mounted on Potain’s standard 2.45 metre square K850 tower, rather than the four metre tower base of its predecessor the MD 1100. Maximum free standing height under hook is 60.7 metres on the counterweighted base or 87.6 metres on an aproporiate foundation.
It also has a short mast/cat head, at 6.3 metres long it rises just over four metres above the top of the jib. The maximum counterweight is 50.9 tonnes made up of 6,600kg and 4,700kg slabs, while a choice of three back masts are available - 26, 30 and 33 metres.

The MDLT 1109 can handle its 40 tonne maximum capacity at between 22 and 25 metres, depending on jib length, while the capacity at the 80 metre jib tip is 11.1 tonnes, making it ideally suited to large-scale construction projects, such as nuclear plants, bridges and other infrastructure projects.

The new crane is available with two different lifting hoists, the 150 HPL 100 or the 270 LVF GH Optima. Other features include Potain’s CCS - Crane Control System - the new Potain ‘Connect’ telematics system for remote access to all crane data. The Potain Cab-IN internal operator elevator/lift is available as an option.