DLM Adds SaaS to load monitoring range

UK Load monitoring equipment specialist Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) is expanding its portfolio to include Software as a Service (SaaS), providing advanced monitoring capabilities for its load cells and equipment.

Initially integrated into DLM’s tensile link and shackle load cells, SaaS will use Yoke chips and RiConnect software to enable real time asset tracking, access of user manuals, calibration certificates and manage inspection programs.
A Yoke chip allowing DLM customers to manage and track assets

DLM is also implementing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in manufacturing to further digitise assets, even up to depths of 6,000 metres underwater.

RiConnect, a cloud based SaaS provider from Taiwan, has opened a UK facility to better integrate with DLM. It has also added BlueSupra RFID tags to DLM equipment, improving data reliability in tough environments

Leanne Whitehurst-Maiden of RiConnect said: “We have a worldwide presence but most notably in Taiwan, Japan, and now the UK. The use of traditional plastic chips in severe offshore working environments can lead to the loss or corruption of data, especially when the plastic chip is subject to continuous impact damage, UV light, corrosive substances, and other hazards found in challenging conditions.”

BlueSupra chips are available in different versions; the blue nano is the simplest to use and can be manufactured into lifting products. For example, every piece of lifting equipment Yoke makes comes with a blue nano embedded into it and uses RiConnect to store data. The software is also found in chain blocks and other material handling products.

Martin Halford of DLM said: “It makes checking and presenting certification data for our customers a lot easier. Simply by scanning the load link with a smart phone, users can get the relevant information plus access to safe use instructions or inspection criteria.”

“We plan to adopt this smart technology more widely in time, perhaps with running line monitors [RLMs] and saddleback monitors [used in pre-lay grapnel run and route clearance operations to measure line tension] among suitable products. Eventually, rental fleet management and thorough examinations will become paperless, and we want to be at the sharp end of that evolution.”

Based in Southampton, UK, DLM specialises in designing, manufacturing and servicing load measurement equipment for industries such as offshore, marine and lifting and rigging industry.