Scissor lift overturn

Two men were seriously injured last night after the scissor lift they were using overturned, one was airlifted to a specialist hospital, while the other was taken by ambulance to a local facility.

The incident occurred on one of several sites in Bryan County, on the south edge of Savanah, Georgia, one of the big projects is a new Hyundai Meta plant for electric vehicles, another is a new Komar apparel manufacturing plant.

The two men were driving the lift at a height of around eight metres, when at least one of the wheels dropped into a void, we have not been able to confirm if it was an open manhole/pothole or a kerb. Either way the lift went over and threw the men from the platform.

Vertikal Comment

We will of course update this item when we learn more detail, but it is worth pointing out that the number of incidents of scissor lifts overturning due to potholes and kerbs has dropped beyond all measure since automatic pothole protection became standard and higher stability criteria was adopted. However, as this case appears to show, they do still occur, pothole protection is not a 100 percent fail proof solution and nothing replaces the need to check the ground - walk the route - before starting work.

Hopefully these two will make a full recovery and not suffer life changing injuries.