Danfoss mobile hose workshops

Danish hydraulics and control systems manufacturer Danfoss has launched a mobile hose assembly workshop programme which brings hydraulic hose replacement and repair capabilities to any site where equipment is operated.

The mobile container workshops enable on the spot hose fabrication or repair and are equipped with all the tools, hoses and fittings required to keep equipment running, minimising downtime and associated costs.
A mobile hydraulic hose workshop

The hose assembly workshops are ideal for remote sites or where rapid hose replacement is essential.

Okan Cebeci of Danfoss said: “Unforeseen equipment breakdowns and maintenance issues can lead to costly downtime. Locating a service provider, ordering a replacement, waiting for the shipment, then installing a new hose assembly can cost millions in lost revenue, depending on the equipment and the site.”
The inside of one of the workshops

“Our mobile workshops provide businesses with immediate, cost effective access to hose repairs and replacements with high quality, reliable Danfoss components, helping to sustain normal operations.”