Dropped 450 tonner

A 450 tonne All Terrain crane was dropped while being loaded onto a ship in Brisbane, Australia last week.

We understand that the incident occurred Thursday - June 6th at the Fisherman Islands dock in the city. The crane, a seven axle 450 tonne Grove GMK 7450 from the Universal Cranes rental fleet, was being lifted aboard the Pacific Endeavour, heading to Guam, by its two ship cranes working in tandem when it looks like the slings failed.

The most likely scenario is that a higher portion of the load was taken by one of the cranes as the slewed towards the ship, overloading the rigging, when the failed the other crane’s rigging was then overloaded.

The crane came to rest with one end hanging onto the side of the ship and the other on the dock. We understand that no one was hurt in the incident, but have been trying to obtain more information. We have asked bit Universal Cranes and AAT that operates Fisherman Islands wharves.

We will of course update this item if and when we hear anything.

Oliver Martin chief executive of Universal Crane's parent company Smithbridge said:“It is too early to say what happened but internal or external reports are being prepared. When you have a crane in an unusual position, you tend to find centre of gravity can make planning complex. The recovery was handled very well and very professionally. We worked through the night to make sure everybody, including the authorities, were comfortable with the recovery plan.The damaged crane will be taken back to our yard to be assessed."


7550 and 7450 is the same crane

Jun 13, 2024

Harry Sharp
Now it’s an OMG

Jun 13, 2024

Now it's a GMK0000....

Jun 12, 2024

That is a GMK7550…

Jun 12, 2024