Manufacturing Express

The US Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has announced that its 'Manufacturing Express Bus' has embarked on a 10,000 mile tour across the United States, visiting 80 communities and manufacturing facilities aiming to support the industry and its employees.
Industry staff with the Manufacturing Express

Starting in Knoxville, Iowa, riders can participate in the 'Manufacturing Challenge' video game on the bus, where they answer industry themed questions to win prizes, including a Ford F-150 truck. The tour will conclude in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in October.
Learning about the industry policies and developments

The goal is to collaborate with local and regional policymakers to emphasise bipartisan policies that support the 2.3 million employees in the equipment manufacturing sector and the industry's annual $316 billion contribution to the US economy.

AEM president Megan Tanel said: "The ‘Manufacturing Express’ isn’t just an event, it's a celebration, complete with food, games, and exciting prizes. The tour will visit 80 communities at equipment manufacturing sites, showcasing the contributions of our industry’s workers to local economies and our nation’s prosperity.”