Efficient new Hiabs

Hiab has launched a new range of four energy efficient, medium duty loader cranes, the eX.Hipro series, including the eX.Hipro 142, eX.Hipro 162, eX.Hipro 192 and eX.Hipro 232.

The 142 has a maximum capacity of 3,900kg at 3.5 metres radius, an outreach of eight metres and a tip height of 10.8 metres.
The 162 has a maximum capacity of 4,450kg at 3.5 metres, an outreach of 8.2 metres and a tip height of 11.2 metres.
The 192 has a maximum capacity of 5,600kg at 3.1 metres, an outreach of 12.8 metres and a tip height of 11 metres.
The 232 has a maximum capacity of 5,400kg at 3.5 metres, an outreach of 17.4 metres and a maximum tip height of 19.5 metres.
The eX.Hipro 162

Hiab says that they been designed for maximum energy efficiency, increased productivity and ease of use with minimal environmental impact. As such they are ‘Electric Vehicle ready’ and said to provide energy savings of up to 30 percent, thanks to an all new pressure compensated, load sensing hydraulic system, optimised for high oil flow, thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. As result the new cranes are not only more efficient and environmentally friendly, but also quieter.
eX.Hipro 192

While the eX.Hipro cranes are readily compatible with electric vehicles, if they are installed on a diesel chassis they include engine controls with Dynamic RPM and Automatic Start/Stop functionality for further energy savings.

The cranes also include Hiab’s SpaceEvo intelligent control system, combined with an Olsbergs V200 valve for smooth simultaneous multi-function operation with reduced pressure drops and heat generation.
Thanks to heavy duty construction and the quality of componentry there is a two year standard warranty, with five years on the structural elements.
eX.Hipro 232

Barry McGrane, senior vice president of Light and Medium cranes said: “With our customers’ needs in mind, we created the Hiab eX.Hipro loader crane range to offer a leading market performance, substantial energy efficiency savings, superior capacity, speed and precision. Helping our customers in their sustainable growth journey is key for us and this is a product that will greatly aid in those efforts."