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Certex goes to the Zoo

Certex Defence, part of lifting gear suppliers Certex UK, has donated several tonnes of old rope, fenders and empty reels to Dartmoor Zoological Park to use as toys for the animals.

The ropes have been given a multitude of uses at the park from scratching posts for the lions to swing ladders for the parrots and monkeys. The empty rope spindles also make great toys for the animals to roll around their enclosures.”

The park, which is in Sparkwell, near Plymouth, has been re-built and re-furbished under new ownership. The emphasis is on providing a natural environment for the animals and keeping them well-cared for and happy.
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Karen Foster of Certex with Steve Pilcher outside the monkey enclosure at Dartmoor Zoological Park

“It is important that animals in captivity are kept stimulated and the natural rope products fit in well with the habitats that we are trying to create, said Steve Pilcher, the park’s head curator. “Fibre rope, especially of the size and strength we require, is very expensive to buy so we are extremely grateful to Certex Defence for their generosity.”

Karen Foster, senior administrator at Certex Defence, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer this assistance to the Park and it is gratifying to be able to make good use of products that may no longer have an industrial shelf life.”

Certex Defence, has offices within the Portsmouth and Devonport Naval Bases and offers sales and servicing of a wide range of marine and industrial equipment to the Ministry of Defence and its prime contractors, as well as to the commercial, leisure and fishing industries.