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High pruning specialists

Spanish company Mecaplús builds a range of fully self propelled platforms purely for pruning trees and is expanding overseas.

The company is an offshoot of a tree specialist tree pruning contractor with over 20 years experience. It began building its own lifts in 2000 having used modified versions of standard aerial lifts until that time.
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The standard models at work, note the rear forkllift type steer axle

The product range now includes regular and self levelling articulated booms, with 4x2, 4x4, full crawler chassis or half tracks.
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The ability to level often allows the machines to keep off the road

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The machines can cope with up to 32% side to side levelling

At first glance they look like throw backs to the early Manlift tree farmer booms, however everything about these units has been designed specifically for rapid tree pruning. Each model is currently available with platform heights of eight, nine or 10 metres.
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A half track model with pivoting crawlers

Features include:

-A fixed boom, with no telescope and no external hoses or cables.
-A one man platform with foot controls to allow the tree trimmer to manoeuvre the platform while keeping two hands on a chain saw or other tool, dramatically increasing his productivity.
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The Mecaplús platform

-All covers and panels are at least 3mm steel plate to ensure protection against falling branches.
-The platform includes a chain saw scabbard outside the cage, as well as up to three pneumatic power line outlets for chain saws and other equipment.
- Extra large diesel tanks to allow up to 60 hours continuous work
- Extreme levelling capability side to side and end to end
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Working an avenue of trees on slopes of up to 15%

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Units can handle steep slopes and sidewalks

- Ability to operate all five functions simultaneously
- High ground clearance and gradeability.
- Ability to drive while elevated in almost any position
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Working on a dual slope to keep the narrow street free

Special models include miniature self propelled booms on tracks for working on pavements (sidewalks)