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1,200 tonne burnout

A 1,200 tonne Gottwald AK912 belonging to Abnormal Load Engineering (ALE) caught fire earlier this week near Gabès, Tunisia, and could be a total write-off.
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After the burnout - The crane is severely damaged

The crane was on the way to a jobsite for a British Gas LPG project in Gabès where we understand it was going to work on an offloading & Reception Facility.
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After the burnout - the other side is not quite as bad

The crane is very badly damaged and could possibly be beyond repair, regardless it will certainly be out of action for some time.

This Gottwald started out as an AK850 with Franz Bracht in Germany, it was then purchased by Interlift UK and upgraded to an AK912. When Interlift withdrew from the market it was acquired by Baldwins – the original one – and then by its current owner Abnormal Load Engineering – ALE.
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We believe that this photo, from our archive is the original crane

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The upgraded crane with Baldwins