Brad Boehler appointed IPAF president

Nick Selley has stepped down as president of IPAF, having served his full two year term. He hands over to Brad Boehler of Skyjack who becomes president for the next two years.
Nick Selley (R) hands over to Brad Boehler while IPAF CEO looks on

The ceremony occurred this morning at the IPAF Summit and Annual General Meeting in Dubai, UAE. The Summit runs throughout the day with the annual awards dinner being held this evening.
Brad Boehler the new president of IPAF with CEO Tim Whiteman (R)

updates from the Summit can be found on the Vertikal twitter feed hosted on the right hand side of the home page - scroll down.


Craig Ihde
Congratulations Brad-the North American continent is now "In Charge",back where the AWP industry started! Home to the Original(75)US based AWP mfg companies now collapsed to a remaining(4)...now lets do something positive to move this Continent forward and here's MY list: a NA LOLER Program (none exists),how about an "across the board" AWP Technical Training Center covering the complete (75)AWP mfg companies products(none exists)or how about focusing on an "across the board" AWP Technical Certification Program so that the ANSI mandated ANNUAL inspections can be done by "REAL" Certified Technicians knowledgeable about the complete(75)AWP mfg companies products(none exists)...Brad,this CAN be done, all someone needs to do is ask!

Mar 6, 2019
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