Who needs a harness

Spotted this morning in Poole, England, two men in a truck mounted lift and not a harness, lanyard or cone in sight.

In the words of our correspondent: “Friday death wish in Poole, no barriers/harnesses, etc etc.”
The two men are pressure washing the façade of a building, having made no attempt to cordon off the machine, or don harnesses with short lanyards. So normally one for our Death Wish series.
The scene in Poole this morning - no safety gear but a well set up platform - the pink circle is our reader's handiwork

However, in their defence - if we dare - they are using a well sized aerial work platform which seems ideal for the job, rather than a ladder or badly erected tower. The lift has its outriggers fully extended and levelled and they have used mats under the outriggers. The lift is tucked well in out of the way so little to no chance of it being clipped by a passing truck, and finally it is hard to see how any passing pedestrian would walk under the platform.
If on the other hand they slewed over the road, or tried to reach the front side of the building from where they are - that would be a very different matter.
not a lanyard in sight

So in summary if they only worked in the area where they are and tucked the jib before slewing and stowing, the risk are low to minimal. But if they forget and start extending over traffic or pedestrians everything changes.
Have a safe weekend


Certainly not the worst example and probably the biggest danger here is someone tripping over the water pipe strewn over the steps!

Jul 12, 2023