LTM11200-9.1 for Saudi

Jubail, Saudi Arabia based ACT - Arabian Consolidated Trading, has purchased a 1,200 tonn Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 the first in the kingdom and the largest telescopic crane to be based there. It becomes the flagship of the company’s 100 crane fleet.
(L-R) Markus Burgstall, Hassan Al-Naimi and Christoph Kleiner with the new LTM11200-9.1.

The president of ACT, Hassan Mohamed Al-Naimi, really wanted to take delivery of his new crane at Bauma in Munich this April, however the flight problems caused by Icelandic volcanic ash disrupted his plans.
(L-R) Markus Burgstall of Saudi Liebherr, Hassan Al-Naimi, of ACT and Christoph Kleiner of Liebherr Ehingen.

The hand over was made therefore at Liebherr’s Ehingen plant a few weeks later.
ACT is one of the leading heavy-haulage companies in Saudi Arabia and purchased the crane, with its 100 metre main boom, for the construction and maintenance of oil and gas refineries, as well as heavy-haulage tasks. The crane arrived in Jubail last week and is currently being tested.
The new crane arrives in ACT's yard

Hassan Al-Naimi saikd: “We bought the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 in order to be able to provide our customers with the best quality and an even greater crane performance with regard to lifting capacity and outreach“.

ACT is based in Jubail but has branches in Riyadh, Dammam and Yanbu as well as a location in Dubai, it employs around 350 people.The company has a number of other Libherr cranes on order including a 220 tonne LTM 1220-5.1 and a 100 tonne LTM 1095-5.1.
On goes the 100 metre main boom


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