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Power line accident

A crane operator working for a roofing contractor is in hospital today with severe burns after the boom of his truck crane came into contact with power lines in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The accident, which happened on Monday night, also cut power to thousands of homes within a 30 block area.

The operator said to be in his 50’s was loading roofing material up to the top of a three storey apartment block. The incident occurred between 20:00 and 21:00 when it was dark.
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This photo was sent in, but it is hard to see the crane - truck mount or boom truck?

The man was taken to hospital with severe burns to his arms and upper body, he may also have internal injuries. Occupational Health and Safety is investigating the accident.

Vertikal Comment

Operating at night has its own set of challenges. Doing so in an urban environment needs a good deal of lighting. And in an area when there are overhead power lines around – the risks must increase significantly when working at night?