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Construction goes pop

Today is the start of National Construction Week – and the CITB are determined to make the most of it.

Targeting teenagers in particular, the Construction Industry Training Board has launched a massive advertising campaign to promote positive images of the business. As well as booking large ads in the Sunday Times and Observer, magazines such as Bliss, Smash Hits and Maxim will feature the campaign, in the hope that younger people will be drawn towards construction careers. Titles such as The Voice and Asian News have been used to excite interest from ethnic minority groups.

The CITB are to host an episode of Blue Peter on Wednesday and will launch ‘’ – a website for undergraduates and those searching for industry careers.

Jerry Lloyd, the Board’s Communications Director, said of the media push: ‘For an industry which tends to think that a pile of leaflets on a shelf in a careers office is a big deal, this is an unprecedented move to try to create a bit of buzz about construction.’