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JLG trains 6,000th trainer

JLG has ‘graduated’ its 6,000th instructor from its train the trainer operator training programme.

The 6,000th instructor to qualify was James Mason junior, a machine shop apprentice instructor, following a course held in Las Vegas. He received gift certificates for JLG merchandise and complimentary accommodations from the Orleans Hotel & Casino in recognition of the milestone.
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Jim Smith (L) of JLG congratulates James Mason as the 6,000th graduate of its Train the trainer programme.

The JLG Train-the-trainer course provides instructors with the most effective methods to teach aerial work platform users and telehandler operators how to operate the equipment properly, stressing the importance of increased workplace safety gained from proper training.

The JLG Train-the-trainer instructor qualification is valid for five years after which a refresher course is required to ensure the instructors remain current with developments and changes within the industry. Since its inception in 1995 the number of applicants for the course has grown by an average of 10 percent or more each year. In North America, courses are available in Atlanta -Georgia, Houston - Texas, Las Vegas - Nevada, McConnellsburg - Pennsylvania, and Riverside - California. Additional courses are also held in Europe and South America on a regular basis, and new courses are being developed for China and India.
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The course in Las Vegas


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