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Norwegian crane hirers in Japan

A group of 50 members of the Norwegian Crane Hire Association travelled to Japan at the end of November with AB Kranlyft to visit the Kato mobile crane and Maeda spider/mini crane plants.

The association also held its annual autumn meeting in one of the conference rooms at Maeda Seisakusho in Nagano.

The trip started in Tokyo with an acclimatisation day before visiting the Kato Works crane plant in Ibaraki where they were welcomed by Kato Crane president, K. Kato.
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The visitors pose with Maeda staff at the plant

In the afternoon the 50 travellers continued their journey by coach to Nagano where tours of the Maeda plant were organised over the following two days.
The visit also included a number of cultural activities, such as a Japanese tea ceremony and visits to traditional temples.
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The visitors check out the latest Maeda cranes

During the stay Kranringen Nordås ordered a Maeda LC383, while Myklebust BKB purchased a Maeda MC285CRM-E.