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Cramo acquires Lemminkäinen equipment

Cramo and Lemminkäinen have signed an agreement in which Cramo will acquire the tools, tower cranes and site hut fleet from four depots of Lemminkäinen Building Construction, in exchange for a rental supply agreement for this and other equipment for Cramo.

All Lemminkäinen employees covered by the transfer of equipment covered by this agreement will join Cramo as existing employees.

The Lemminkäinen Group is one of Finland’s leading construction companies and Cramo is already one of the company’s major partners.

Tatu Hauhio, head of Cramo Finland said: “Outsourcing agreements are prioritised in our growth strategy. Especially in the current market upturn, it shows the strategic intent of the customer to focus their resources to the growth and development of their core business. Lemminkäinen is already one of our most important customers and this new agreement will contribute to an even closer cooperation to benefit both parties.”

Another part of the agreement concerns rental related services, such as heating, drying, temporary electrification and dust control with Cramo now appointed as a key supplier to Lemminkäinen for this equipment.

Jukka Terhonen, Lemminkäinen’s executive vice president, building construction added: “Outsourcing of the depots is a means of strengthening and developing our site operations. By outsourcing these services, we will be able to better ensure the availability of the most suitable equipment, tools and methods for each construction need and, consequently, be even more reliable partner to our customers. The arrangement will also release our capital for use in our core business.”


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