Lone height worker in Tenerife

A reader sent us a couple of photos from Tenerife in the Canary Islands which show a steel worker who has little concern for the usual safety rules.
Spotted on a lonely job site in Tenerife

He is at least using a self-propelled aerial lift that is suited for the work, rather than a long ladder. However that is as far as it goes, this man appears to be working on his own so should anything go wrong he is literally on his own, and unusually he is not even paying lip-service to the usual safety stuff such as hi-viz jackets and hard hats.
A closer look reveals our man - half out of the platform

Worse than that though is that he is not wearing a harness and in order to reach, and perhaps push or lift? the steelwork he is half out of the platform with his foot on the top guardrail.
Safe working practices? whats that?

Guys like this usually get away with such antics, the problem is that the one time he slips and falls is likely to be the last time he does anything. Therefore definitely a Death Wish.


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