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First Grove GMK6300L gets to work

German rental company Schuch is using Grove’s first new 300 tonne GMK6300L All Terrain crane to erect the tower sections of a 2.5 MW Enercon E82 wind turbine in Mensinghausen, near Hannover.

To lift the tower sections, the GMK6300L worked with 31.5 metres of main boom and its maximum counterweight of 92.5 tonnes. In this configuration, it was able to lift 74 tonne loads and place them at a radius of 11.2 metres. The GMK6300L has a seven section Twin-Lock pinned main boom of 80 metres
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The first of Grove’s new GMK6300L all-terrain cranes is in Germany working.

For further reach, a 37 metre extension is available. Maximum available length is 117 metres with two tonnes. A heavy-duty jib with a capacity of 38 tonnes is also available.

Winnie Backer, Schuch’s crane operator said: “We chose this crane because it’s very strong and we knew with the Megatrak suspension it would be easy to move on the rough ground. Another feature is the crane’s availability to rig its own counterweight, which saved the need for an auxiliary crane and made things faster and less costly for our customer. In addition, we were able to drive the crane on the job site with the full counterweight attached.”

The crane is working in Mensinghausen as part of Manitowoc’s pre-production programme, in which cranes are closely monitored and their performance assessed by Manitowoc’s engineering team.