Bauma China tops 50,000

Following on from our earlier report on Bauma China (Vertikal.Net November 22) the organisers have now released the visitor and exhibitor statistics.

Over 50,000 visitors attended Bauma China 2004, held last week in Shanghai. an increase of 50 percent on last time, according to the organisers.

Interestingly 22 percent of the attendees came from outside of China, with visitors from 110 countries registering.

In terms of exhibitors, the show attracted 742 of them, coming from 27 countries, a 62 percent increase on two years ago.

The amount of exhibit space sold rose by 143 percent compared to the last show, as companies spent more and showed bigger equipment.

The dates for the next Bauma China have yet to be fixed, but we do know that it will be held in November 2006.

By then China will be a very different market if it maintains the current pace of development.


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