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ReachMaster name returns

The US affiliate of Skako Lift -Skako Inc, which prior to July was ReachMaster Inc, is bringing back the ReachMaster name as a brand in the American market.

“I am tempted to say back by popular demand” says Ebbe Christensen, chief executive of Skako Lift, Inc. “Following the name change release last year, we received so many comments from industry professionals and actually directly complaints from customers and dealers about losing a name that for a decade had become almost a synonym for compact lifts that we had to re-visit the decision”.

“Many of our customers had built their business around the ReachMaster brand as a description of their activities, and we realised that while the name change still makes a lot of sense from a global recognition perspective, we were actually imposing inconvenience and expenses to a large group of customers, who would not let the ReachMaster name go.”
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The new ReachMaster logo

Consequently Skako Lift decided to revive the ReachMaster brand, now with a small addition to the logo in order to reflect the relationship with Skako Lift as the manufacturer. “By having the new ReachMaster logo, where we have added “by Skako lift”, we maintain the integrity of the ReachMaster name and logo while at the same time making a clear connection to our corporate entity”

The company will continue to operate as Skako Lift, Inc. In addition to the
ReachMaster brand, Skako also owns the Denka brand