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WWW.VERTIKAL.NET hits a Million

This web site has seen something spectacular occur in December, the normal upward trend in the number of visitors and hits that we have been experiencing throughout 2004 has exploded in December with 1,128,942 hits having been recorded in the first 19 days of the month. The number of visitors has also reached a new record at 32,124!

In recent months we have been seeing 12 to 13,000 visitors each month and 300,000 hits being recorded. But in December the statistics shot off the chart.

The reason? Well we would like to think that it is down to more and more people in the crane and access industries getting to know about our up to the minute news service and rapidly expanding web directory of lift suppliers But the more likely reason is the popularity of one or two particular stories being widely syndicated around the world.

In particular our story on the right tool for the job posted on November 28th seems to have captured the world’s attention.

While we would expect these huge numbers to die down in the New Year, we have noted that these stories have pulled in many new readers who are likely to stay with us having now discovered such a useful source. All in all this expansion is good news for the banner advertisers and makes the web links in the directory seem even better value than ever.