Power Towers opens in Holland

We can finally announce that Power Towers Nederland is now officially open for business.

Word of the project slipped out at the recent IPAF Summit in Amsterdam but we can now confirm that the business is up and running. Power Tower -the British manufacturer of the low-level push around and self-propelled lifts is a shareholder in the new Dutch operation.

In total Power Towers Nederland has three shareholders - Power Tower UK, AA Installation Group - owned by Arie van Tienderen and Miwacom a marketing company owned by Michael Waardenburg.
The Dutch shareholders in Power Tower Nederland - (L-R) Michael Waardenburg of Miwacom and Arie van Tienderen of AA Installatietechniek

The new business is currently based in Numansdorp to the south of Rotterdam and across the water from Moerdijk. AA Installatietechniek, also based in Numansdorp, specialises in the heating ventilation and cooling market and overhead electrical installation work. As such it has a regular need for low level access equipment and already owns a number of Power Towers.

Access industry veteran Hans van Gameren is working with the new company to help establish the Power Tower brand and product range in the Netherlands.

The latest move follows the opening a couple of months ago of a German branch of Power Tower, where the company already has considerable success with Gardemann – part of the Lavendon group. There are also plans to open in France where a number of machines are being evaluated by one of the country’s largest rental companies.
The Power Tower Nano SP Plus


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