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New Gunco image launched

Dutch aerial lift and telehandler rental company Gunco has unveiled its new identity under TVH, following its acquisition by the Belgian parts supplier earlier this year.
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The new Gunco logo and branding for use outside of Belgium

The identity is summed up in the company’s new logo, In Belgium, where the TVH rental operation is currently being absorbed into the Gunco fleet, a moified version of the logo will be used that include's the line 'Powered by TVH'
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The new Gunco logo

Vertikal Comment

The new identity is clean and crisp, it is tghough a little surprising that TVH kept its name on it -even though this is only in Belgium - given that its parts operations sell to other rental companies and that the company had announced that it was adopting the Gunco branding for the combined rental business.

We assumed that TVH would completely withdraw its name from the rental market, even in Belgium, in order to avoid reminding its rental customers that it competes. But this may just be a transition thing. Watch this space.