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Liebherr adds to Narrow crawler mobility

Liebherr has extended the on-site fully rigged mobility of its 600 tonne LR 1600/2-W narrow-track crawler crane. The crane can now move with up to 108 metres of main boom and a 12-metre fixed jib.

The improvement has been achieved by an extension to the superstructure frame, which allows the main counterweight to be reduced from 190 tonnes to 150 tonnes. A separate carbody ballast of up to 65 tonnes can also be added.
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The Liebherr LR 1600/2-W with superstructure extension - note also the swing-out outriggers

The LR 1600/2-W was launched at Bauma last year for wind farm applications and has proved ideal for installing 3MW wind power generators on 100 metre towers, without the need for a derrick system/back mast. The superstructure extension allows the crane to travel fully rigged between turbines of this size.

The narrow-track versions of Liebherr crawler cranes includes large cruciform swing-out outriggers which can positioned to the front and rear of the crane with the jack pads remaining close to and almost skimming the ground, so that should the tracks begin to sink, they can be quickly lowered to improve crane's stability and halt the sinking.
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The Liebherr LR 1600/2-W with extended superstructure frame can travel with 108m of main boom plus 12m of jib -- ideal for 3MW turbines on 100m towers

The jacks also allow the undercarriage width and direction to be set and adjusted to optimum width and direction of the crane’s route, by using the lower slew ring to turn the tracks from matching the path from where the crane has come to match the path where the crane is going. .