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Crane slams into car

A shocking road accident was caught on camera yesterday in Rotterdam, a crane came out of a side street at speed, hitting a car and taking it around a hundred metres before coming to a stop.
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Miraculously the occupants of the car survived

The accident occurred at the intersection of New Binnenweg with Claes de Vries Avenue in the city. A video clip dramatically demonstrates what happened. The car’s occupants a 46 year old man and a 41 year old woman were trapped for some time and were taken to hospital with their injuries.
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At this time we have no news on why the crane was travelling so fast and why it made no attempt to brake, conclusions can and will of course be drawn. The crane is a four axle Grove owned and operated by rental company Blansjaar. It looks to be very well maintained. We have no news on the crane operator.


pfffffffff what a crash
just insane

Dec 10, 2011