Turkey’s first spider lift company

A new company Örümcekci is claiming to be the first company in Turkey to specialise in spider lift rentals. The new company shares the same owner as the Turkish based crane and access rental company İstanbul Vinç and is therefore part of the İstanbul Vinç Group.
(back row L-R) EMRE İÇER, ONUR İŞLİ, ERHAN AYKUT, SÜLEYMA İÇER (seated) MUSTFA BİLGİN - owner of the company

Örümcekci has launched its dedicated fleet with a range of models from 17 to 30 metres working height. Suppliers include Teupen, Ommelift and CTE. The company said: “The Turkish market is booming with potential, especially in the construction sector. Örümcekci has a specialised team willing to support customers with this new product concept.”

The new business will benefit from its parent’s resources, including locations in seven of Turkey’s largest cities, including: İstanbul, Çerkezköy, İzmir, Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep and Adana.

İstanbul Vinç was established in 1996 and has developed into one of the country’s leading crane and access rental companies. The İstanbul Vinç group also has a 50 percent stake in Tower Rent, a company established in 2008 to focus on selling and renting aluminium scaffold towers and low level podiums, and a 50 percent stake in Biglift, which specialises in the rental of larger truck mounted lifts, with units up to 70 metres.


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