What a difference a day makes!! at Kobelco

In spite of yesterday denial by Takashi Ishida, president of Kobelco Cranes concerning any possible extensions to its OEM supply agreement with Manitowoc. The two companies have announced today that they are extending their North American agreement to Europe!

Kobelco has now explained that the confusion yesterday most likely arose over an error in translation, with Takashi Ishida meaning to say that he "is not talking about any joint venture with Manitowoc today", meaning "no comment"...this was however translated as "the company is not even talking to Manitowoc about this subject, so the answer is No".

The new supply agreement covers Kobelco models under 110 tonnes for Europe and Africa, and will begin in the third quarter of 2005. The models will be painted and branded as Manitowoc, sold through its distribution network and supported by the Manitowoc Crane Care group.

The Middle East is currently excluded from the agreement.
Kobelco will continue to market the cranes under its own brand through its company stores and distributors.

Manitowoc Crane president Glen Tellock said: “Manitowoc is very excited about our expanding relationship with Kobelco Cranes. The fact is that both companies have a similar outlook on customers, products, and service. These similarities have allowed us together to find ways to better serve
our customers.”

Takashi Ishida, Kobelco Cranes president added: “We recently held a launching ceremony for Kobelco branded All Terrain cranes for the Japanese market, supplied by Manitowoc. Our customers are showing good response to the newly introduced models. I truly believe that Manitowoc is the best alliance partner in the industry.”


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