Incident update

We have now learnt more about the unfortunate incident at SAIE today and can clarify a few points from our earlier report.

The machine a new 32 metre spider lift from CMC was being operated alone by prospective customer Paul Eijgenraam. The machine was set up with its outriggers parallel on one side and extended on the other. There were suggestions in the initial police report that the platform caught up on the stone façade of an exhibition hall. However this did not match some of the eye witness comments and does not now appear to have been the case. The company said that it is still investigating and has promised to make the findings public once they are confident what happened.
The base machine and Cela D24

As the machine lost stability it swivelled around with the lower boom falling across the Cela D24 truck mounted platform and striking the boom of the D30 as it went down. Eijgenraam was apparently able to exit the platform onto the roof and was taken to hospital for X rays and a check-up. He is reportedly in good spirits and should be able to fly back to the Netherlands tomorrow.

A crane was brought in and is expected to recover and remove the damaged machine overnight. Original report was included in SAIE opening story earlier today It has also been updated.


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Oct 23, 2012

Second Incident Update by Paul Eijgenraam
As I described in my frist declaration, the cause of The accident is still unclear.
Wat is for shure, however, is that the building was hit after the platform had tipped over.
In due time we hope to find out wat made the platform lose stability.

Oct 21, 2012

To all the visitors, management and staff of the S.A.I.E. Bologna and all interested people in the world of aerial platforms:

It was me, who fell down with the platform at the Bologna fair, Thursday afternoon.

An accident in which I luckily survived, as well as all the other people in the area.
In fact, nobody but me, got hurt.

I would like to thank all my friends and colleagues, who sent me their good wishes’.
I'm very grateful for that, and for the way the people of CMC surround me with their warmth and care. For them, these days are terrible, and I wish that it all turns out right in the end.

The cause of the accident has not been found yet, but I'm convinced that this platform will turn out to be a safe working place and a good machine.

With best Regards, met vriendelijke groet, from Bologna,

Paul Eijgenraam
Eijgenraam Hoogwerkers BV
Rotterdam, Holland

Oct 20, 2012
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