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Boom truck overturns onto church

A boom truck overturned in Mount Vernon, Virginia yesterday, injuring two people, its boom came to rest on a church.

Crane operator Jim Perkins and two employees of B&M Tower Technologies set out on Tuesday morning to check a cell phone tower inside the church steeple of St Luke's Episcopal Church in Mount Vernon.

The crane was lifting the two men in a suspended platform when the unit went over. Perkins said that the rear outrigger “started to compress” It looks as though it might have sunk into the ground rather than anything else.
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The crane boom landed on the church

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The two men landed on the church roof

The effect was to cause the crane to lose stability and start to tip, having seen the outrigger issue Perkins started sucking the boom in as fast as he could, his fast action meant that the two had a shorter drop onto the roof and therefore suffered only minor injuries.
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The rear outriggers either sank or lost oil

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The crane lost stability

69 children and 12 staff at the adjoining pre-school were evacuated and went home early for the day.

Vertikal Comment

It is surprising to see a suspended man platform being used for this sort of work, although sometimes it is the only method possible. What we do not know is whether the outrigger sank into the ground, or the jack started to lose oil? Fortunately injuries were minor.

While the crane operator did well to bring the two men in closer and may have saved their lives, however the outrigger mats look like small offcuts and what looks like scrap - being used under the outriggers.


Looks to me like Jim Perkins failed to do the required weighted trial lift at the farthest working radius as per OSHA 1926.1431(h)(1). There is no way that little boom truck's capacity is twice the weight of two men in that basket with the boom fully extended and the jib attached anywhere near the radius where he was intending to reach.

Feb 14, 2013

Trainer Steve
Looks to me like the rear stabilizers or outriggers have broken away from the truck chassis.

Feb 14, 2013