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Lucky escape in Vancouver

A man had a lucky escape on a job site in Vancouver, Canada yesterday after the hoist cables of a tower crane brushed against overhead power lines.
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The power line runs right along the side of the site

The crane, which was working alongside the power lines, was removing form-work panels from the lower floors of a new high rise building that is under construction when the cables touched the power lines. The man guiding the load received an substantial electrical shock and had to be taken to hospital, although he was conscious but dazed when the emergency services arrived. He is not thought to be in any danger and was later released.
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The encounter cased a small explosion

Meanwhile the crane operator was trapped in his cab while utility crews worked to on the lines. Power was also cut to around 1,800 buildings in the area as well as all the traffic lights.
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The crane operator was obliged to wait in his cab while the power lines were made safe

Both the operator and the man on the ground are employees of Carion Construction, a subcontractor working for main contractor on the job Syncra Construction.

A spokesman for the contractor refused to speak to the press, meanwhile WorkSafe BC is investigating the incident and the crane will have to be recertified before it can go back into service.
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Utility workers repair the damage

Vertikal Comment

This was clearly an accident waiting to happen, it is clear from other photos we have seen that this crane was operating way too close to this live primary power line.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, and hopefully it will alert others to look out for this on their sites, and either than the lines removed or protected/shielded, quite honestly it is staggering that such precautions are not already routine.


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