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Train hits boom lift

A train slammed into a boom lift that was working on the underside of a bridge near Des Moines Iowa last week, injuring the two men in the platform.
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Two men had been working from the platform, miraculously both have survived

One man spotted the train and managed to jump onto the underside of the bridge, where he waited until he was rescued by emergency services, using a front end loader with jib attachment, his injuries were treated at the scene. The other man was apparently catapulted out of the platform and is more seriously injured, but is now in a stable condition in hospital.
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The man under the bridge is rescued by fire fighters and lowered to the ground

The two men were employed by United Contractors and have not been named. The incident, which occurred on Monday December 9th, is still under investigation.


It is plain to see they did not plan the job or do a job briefing. They are lucky THIS TIME. The scenario reminds me of Paul McCartney's song This time.

Dec 19, 2013
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