Crane fire

A mobile crane caught fire on the M1 Motorway in the UK yesterday, blocking one lane on the northbound exit slip-road/ramp at junction 26.

The photograph from the Highways Agency press release does not show what type of crane it is, and the information provided states that it is a 60 tonne crane. However the only report that we have so far is that it is a five axle Spierings mobile tower crane – although we have not been able to confirm this.

If it is a Spierings this will be the second fire on one of these cranes in the past three months - see: Crane on fire. However most of the fire reports we receive – and there are too many of them – involve more traditional All Terrain cranes.
The photo released by the UK Highways Agency

If you have any more information please do let us know, the crane is due for recovery overnight.


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