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Near miss as crane drops

A man walking down a street had a near miss when a falling crane boom/tower missed him by millimetres in a Russian video.

The incident was caught on camera by the dashcam of a passing bus and shows clearly what happened. We do not see what caused the crane to over or even get a decent look at what type it is, although it clearly looks like an old Soviet era tower crane - possibly rail mounted?
As we also do not know when or where exactly it occurred we cannot investigate further.
Click here to see the video As you watch the video, keep an eye on the sidewalk/pavement on the right and in particular the nan in the red shirt.
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The view from the bus


I can lip read Russian, I think the chap said " Gosh, fancy that, I nearly got hit by a falling crane there, If only I had some Andrex.... " or something close !

Jul 1, 2014