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Help Dunc get mobile

Several readers have alerted us to the fact that Duncan Kemp, a well-known and popular crane ballast truck driver in the UK is recovering from a serious heart attack and needs help to get mobile again.

We understand that he has returned home where he is currently confined to his new hospital bed, it is likely to be a very long time before he can walk again. He would therefore benefit hugely from an electric wheelchair, but there is apparently an eight month waiting list in his area. His friends have established a fund to raise money to buy one, and several people have already made a contribution.

His friends have also set up a site – ‘The Dunc-needs-a-wheel-chair’ - for those interested in helping click here to go to the site and scroll down for details of how to help and the bank account that has been set up for contributions

A long time crane related heavy transport driver, Kemp works for UK based Ainscough Crane Hire have joined the company from Baldwins Crane Hire in 2002, when Ainscough acquired the business.
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Kemp's ballast truck tractor unit


The dunc
Hi all it's the dunc here I would just like to say that my heart attack was not serious just a mild one whilst in hospital .my problems are spinal from an accident .

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart duncan

Aug 19, 2014