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Grove to launch new 80 tonner

Grove is to launch a new 80 tonne four axle All Terrain crane, the GMK4080-1 in January; the new model replaces the current GMK4075-1 on which the chassis is based.

The GMK4080-1 is more compact than the 4075, with a shorter overall length and less boom overhang. It incorporates a new Megaform six section 51 metre Twin Lock boom and will have all wheel drive and steer as standard.
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The new Grove GMK4080-1

The new crane can lift 6.6 tonnes on its 51 metre fully extended main boom at a radius of 20 metres. A hydraulic 15 metre luffing swingaway and six metre extension, takes the maximum tip height up to 75 metres.

The GMK4080-1 is configurable in both ‘Taxi’ and ‘Maxi’ modes. In ‘Taxi’ mode, the crane can carry 9.3tonnes of counterweight, the 15 metre hydraulic swingaway extension and hook block and still remain within 12 tonne axle loads.

In its ‘Maxi’ configuration, which is likely to be the one specified for the UK market, it can travel with its maximum 19.3 tonnes of counterweight, and the extra six metres of jib extension.

The GMK4080-1 runs on 16.00 R25 tyres and features the same ZF Fastronic transmission and 290 kW Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA engine as the 4075-1 but with the addition of a two-step transfer case, to allow better agility at lower speeds.

The dimensions of the new crane show a front overhang of only 1.8 metres with a total overall length of 12.5 metres.
A number of the new models have already been ordered, with the first two units destined for German haulier, Grohmann..

Philippe Cohet, executive vice president of Manitowoc Crane Group’s Europe, Africa Middle East region. said:

“The four-axle AT market is a busy one and, as always, we respond to market needs with continuous product development. The GMK4080-1 is very versatile, with compact dimensions, and is complemented with an excellent lifting chart and impressive reach. It is suitable for a variety of tasks, and will undoubtedly prove popular in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region and beyond.”