Tower death wish

Spotted earlier this week in Kickburton, near Huddersfield, two builders with a scaffold tower arrangement that completely ignores any safety measures.

The two are using a double width scaffold tower arrangement, with the main six metre tower appearing to be well erected in terms of the frames and bracing. However the platforms have no guardrails or toe boards with exposed spigots ready to spike any one unfortunate enough to fall or slip. While the addition bay has no diagonal bracing – but it is lower and has the support of a side wall.
Happy at work with an almost total disregard to dangers

The main tower is six metres high, with the man working at over seven metres, the side bay four metres. Not only does the main platform lack any safety measures, it is also only a single platform, leaving a high risk of stepping back into the void. It is also loaded with roof tiles, while the lower ban is using a step up to gain a little more height.

Finally no form of stabiliser has been employed to prevent the whole set up from falling backwards in the event of the two men and applying horizontal force during their work. Both were running a significant risk of falls and serious life changing injuries or death. One cannot help but wonder if they might have been safer working from a ladder?

A definite one for our Death Wish series.
A closer look


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