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Sitting on the job

Spotted by a Dutch reader travelling through Zell am See, Austria, a window cleaner using a loader crane to lift himself to a height of around five metres.
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An Austrian window cleaner at work

The man has fashioned himself a Bosuns chair out of steel and suspended it with some substantial looking slings from a loader crane, owned by Berge & Abschleppdienst. While not much safer than the wooden pallet on a forklift, the effort he has gone to avoid using what he has to hand, rather than purpose built access equipment is intriguing. Forgetting the safety aspect for a moment, this is hardly an economical piece of access equipment!
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Looks like a home made Bosun's chair

We cannot tell if he has a harness to keep him in, or if he has operated the crane with the remote controls or whether he has an accomplice – either way while we might admire his style, it definitely qualifies for our Death Wish series.
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Looks like yoga on the job


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