Linden to replace 21LC290

Spanish tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa has announced plans to launch a new flat-top tower crane in January.

Available with a maximum capacity of 12 or 18 tonnes, the new 21C335 flat-top crane will join the company’s LC 2100 series and replace its 21LC290, which has been in production since 2002.
The new 21C335 flat-top crane will replace the company’s 21LC290

Sharing similar characteristics to the 21LC290, the 21C335 has a maximum jib length of 74 metres and a maximum free standing height of 64.5 metres. The company said a review of the 21LC290 has led to capacity increases of up to 25 percent. The 18 tonne version can now lift its maximum capacity to a radius of 19.6 metres and take 6.6 tonnes out to a radius of 50 metres.

Sharing the same S25 tower sections, jib and counterweight as the 21LC290, changes include modifications to the cat-head and the upper turntable, which allows customers to convert their 21LC290 into a 21LC335 by replacing these two elements and modifying the configuration of the counterweights.

Features include the company’s Effi-Plus high speed hoist mechanism and its PowerLift system which provides a 10 percent load chart improvement at reduced speeds.


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