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Crawler overturns in Germany

A crawler crane overturned on a wind farm in Janneby, near Flensburg, Germany, last Friday during severe gale force winds.

The crane, a large Liebherr owned by Sarens, was fully rigged with around 100 metres of boom and back mast. All of which went over the back over the crane in the high winds.

No one was injured in the incident and fortunately the boom missed three turbine tower sections which were awaiting installation.
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The Liebherr crawler crane went over backwards in high winds


It may be the case that , the boom cant be lowered unless extra ballast and weight tray is fitted , but at the very least the hook block should have been secured too a substantial weight or anchor point to help prevent boom damage in high winds , wheres the appointed person ? whos checking the weather forecasts ? somone needs a managment shake up .

Jan 14, 2015

Glad no one was hurt. So I guess it was parked up then? why was the boom not down in prep for the on coming windy conditions ?

Jan 14, 2015

Well they have certainly chosen a good spot to build a turbine then. Looks fairly windy to me !

Jan 14, 2015
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