Crane collision closes road

A coach/bus clipped a city type All Terrain crane this morning as it overtook it while heading north on the M11 motorway, near the M-25 in the UK, blocking one lane on the section between junction five and six.
The overturned crane

The two axle crane – a 20 tonne Kobelco RK200 owned by Emerson Crane Hire – skidded on the icy road after it was clipped, and overturned onto the verge.

The crane operator - miraculously - was completely unhurt, as were the coach driver and his five passengers. This was though one of the few times that a crane has come off worse in a road accident than the other vehicle.
The crane rolled onto the verge

Two hours after the incident however, with the lane closed due to an oil spill, four cars were involved in an incident as they passed the scene. Two women are currently being treated for head and neck injuries.
A rare example of a crane coming off worse in a road traffic accident


bob the builder

1 Feb 2015

Another thought to express, for we see close calls on busy US highways all the time. I wonder if the bus driver and crane operator were trained that in a passing situation the slower vehicle (the crane) should flash the headlights once the passing vehicle(bus) reached safe distance to change lanes. That handsome Scania bus is also out of commission so it cannot earn revenue just like the crane. Another cost to think about is the trauma both drivers suffered.

Personal note... I owned three Saab autos over 17 years and loved them even when I needed to fix something. I wish they were still around.

26 Jan 2015

Let us back up a bit as we study this incident. First, was it absolutely requisite to transport that great expensive crane on icy roads.? Reason: The expense of keeping it still is miniscule compared to the cost of repairs and depletion of revenue caused by the crane being dry-docked unable to earn any money. second,, the bus driver made a bad decision to pass and cut off the crane. But the worst decision was to move the crane on icy roads. This case supports on of my favorite sayings...Inspect What You Expect. I'd rather be safe than sorry and thus able to work my equipment when the weather gets workable again.

26 Jan 2015
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