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Fatal overturn in Brisbane

A large truck mounted platform has overturned today in the Newstead suburb of Brisbane Australia, killing one man, while another is in critical condition.
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The rear outrigger appears to have sunk into the ground

The incident happened in the early evening, local time, on the partially cleared site of a gas works, when it appears the rear outrigger on one side of a 60 to 70 metre truck mounted lift has sunk into the ground. The two men - Photographer Chris Powell, 41,and son Brendan, 17, were taking photos of the site for a property developer from the platform of the fully extended boom of the four axle lift owned by rental company LinCon.

The two men came down with the platform -although some reports suggested that they were thrown out of the platform - which crashed into the middle of the road, thankfully not hitting any pedestrians or passing vehicles.

One witness said that “one of the machine's outriggers snapped, sending the platform to the ground.” However it looks almost certainly as though the outrigger sank quickly into soft ground.
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The platform crashed onto the street

Chris Powell was pronounced dead at the scene, while his son was taken to hospital in critical condition. The platform operator was reportedly at the base of the machine when it went over and received minor injuries.

Workplace Health and Safety are investigating the cause of the incident.


It looks as though Brendan Powell will miraculously make a full recovery and reports coming in have indicated that the ground did give way under the rear loaded outrigger jack.

A week after the incident WorkCover Queensland issued a bulletin warning of the risks of not providing adequate support under outrigger feet. Click here to see Outrigger Safety alert, complete with link to the alert


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