OSHA settles fatal overturn

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has agreed a settlement with Mass Bay Electrical Corporation for a fatal crane/platform overturning incident in 2014 that resulted in the deaths of employees Joseph Boyd, 34 and John Loughran, 34. See original incident report: Fatal boom truck overturn

The two men were working on a new high-tension power line from a platform mounted to an Elliot 20142 boom truck. They were around 43 metres up when the outriggers sank into the sandy ground, causing the machine to overturn. The two were harnessed in but died after hitting the ground.

OSHA cited the company for two wilful violations and four serious violations and indicated a fine of at least $168,000. The company will now pay an amended penalty of $136,000, but also agrees to perform a number of corrective actions designed to prevent future accidents, including extensive certification and training for management and employees on crane and aerial lift operations and safety standards, committing both to regular internal and independent safety audits, developing an in-house safety committee, requiring field managers to be journeymen linemen on worksites where linemen work, and providing regular notification to OSHA of utility work projects. See Contractor faces 8,000 fine

The company has also agreed to establish an endowment fund in the names of the two men to provide scholarships to those interested in obtaining training and education in the fields of line construction project management and safety. The company will contribute at least $3,000 a year to the fund for the next 10 years and at least $5,000 a year for 10 years after that. The fund will be administered in cooperation with IBEW Local 104.
The overturned boom truck


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