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Demag mobile again

The Demag name is to appear on mobile cranes again, some of you had already guessed that it was the Demag name hiding under the sheet in the recent Terex advertising leading up to Bauma.
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The teaser ad now explained

The even more eagle eyed might have spotted the name on the side of a boom in the web cam photos coming from the build-up site. Well guess no more the signs have gone up on the stand and the company will announce exactly how it plans to re-introduce it along with a number of other changes at a press conference tomorrow.
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Here's a clue from one name to another or rather back to another

The Demag name – long associated with some of the best large lattice boom and All Terrain cranes, not to mention city type mobile crane, was acquired by Terex in July 2002 when the assets of Mannesman Dematic were being disposed off by Siemens, which had acquired Demag’s owner for its mobile phone business. Terex bought Demag Mobile Cranes and KKR acquired the Demag overhead cranes and Gottwald port crane business.

Demag mobile cranes eventually became Terex Demags and then just Terex, as unlike Genie Demag was not at the time considered to be a legacy brand.

But then in 2011 Terex acquired the Demag overhead and port crane business - by then a public company. Effectively giving it the exclusive rights to the name for crane purposes.
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Now proudly in place on the Terex stand

We will learn the details of how Terex plans to implement the Demag name at the press conference, but we do know that it will apply to the big All Terrains built at the Demag plant in Zweibrücken, Germany. The nomenclature which has been getting more and more exotic with family names, with no mention of nominal capacities, will return to a simple the Demag AC prefix, followed by the capacity in tonnes and axle number. For example on the stand are two five axle models, the AC130-5 and the AC220-5.
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Its back to the future with the five axle 130 tonne AC130-5

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The Demag AC220-5

The big lattice cranes are also likely to go the same way while Terex might choose to retain the Terex brand on smaller All Terrains made at the old PPM plant in France, Rough Terrains built at the Bending plant in Italy and the Truck and Rough Terrain cranes built in the USA. Could Franna now make a comeback in Australia? All will be revealed at the press conference. Later today when we will update this item and add to the twitter feed.
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Demag name back on the cabs

See follow up story Demag branding details

Vertikal Comment

It will be better to comment when we have all the information, but one thing is certain – crane buyers will welcome the return of a name they loved and respected- although they will of course still judge their purchases on other things such as price, specification, service and people of course. But never underestimate the emotional aspect of the average crane rental buyer. The simpler model terminology will also be appreciated.

The other group already welcoming the name back are those that worked for the Demag business for 10 years more, many of them in the Zweibrücken plant. One said – “We are getting our heart back” – so it seems crane builders also have an emotional attachment to a proud name.