So which is the real Krake?

It is widely acknowledged that the first All Terrain crane was the Demag Krake built in 1956 and of which apparently only one unit was ever built.

In our archive we have a photograph purporting to be that machine, which also matches a similar photograph shown with the same credit in Stuart Anderson’s book ‘Telescopic Boom’.

However the photo that was part of a Terex presentation was of a different crane, certainly with a similar boom concept but looks to use more like the Demag V42 industrial crane that has clearly been pimped more recently.
The Demag Krake or a pimped V42?

According to our records the Krake was a 16 tonne road going crane with four wheel drive – in other words an All Terrain. Someone out there must know the answer and the history and we would love to hear from them, in order to help set the record straight.
The real Demag Krake - or something else?

Received from a Terex/Demag spokesman:

Dear Vertikal

During our press conference we showed a picture of the crane we identified as the ‘Krake’. The world’s first All-Terrain crane. A Demag crane. You have spotted something was not quite right with the picture, and … you are correct. Thanks to your feedback we have searched our archives and found a picture of the original ‘Krake’, similar to the one you posted, but from a different angle. – see attached.

The picture we used in the conference seems to be not a Demag V70 but a V25. V70s had a closed cabin, unlike the V25. This proves customers’ needs have always evolved, and we’ve listened! This also demonstrates that the crane community is a passionate one, and we’re very proud to serve it.
A photo of the Krake from the Demag archives


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