Partner Lift celebrates 25 years

Partner Lift, the German based - increasingly international- association of independent access rental companies is celebrating its 25th anniversary this weekend in Dresden.

Some 200 delegates attended the annual meeting to discuss the previous year’s trading, and all manner of group policies, ideas and strategies. Part of the programme is the ‘Einkaufsmesse’ or shopping exhibition, where members and suppliers come together to discuss year end and next year’s equipment requirements.

This year's shopping event was well attended with all of the big suppliers and many specialist ones present. The following photos will hopefully provide a flavour of the event, which culminates with a ‘Jubiliäumsnacht’- or jubilee night at the same venue.
Happy Anniversary Partner Lift!
Partner Lift - the German association of independent access rental companies

The 'Get together' dinner at the historic Sophien Keller on Friday night

There were a few machines outside the conference hall, but the event is not at all machine focused

Three happy chefs making smoothies with JLG

Getting organised at TVH

Have gazebo go anywhere

A dark picture of team ATN - (L-R) Alain Dutreuil, Thomas Meheust, Karl-Heinz Hermanns and Daniel Duclos

All serious at Manitou

IPAF making a splash

Palfinger flying the flag

Trackunit one of several telematics suppliers

The Genie space

A bit quiet at Böcker

The Rösler team launching the new card reader and technology

The men from Teupen

Right at the front JLG

An unobserved moment - Niftylift all green

Happy campers at Skyjack

Posing for the camera team Hâulotte

Discussions a plenty - in spite of the blur

The afternoon starts to wind down

The most colourful display at the bottom of the steps - Palfinger's brand new 25 metre P 250 BK

The founder's duet - Wolfgang Dahms (L) and Joachim Metzner go over the association history

Laurent Montenay of JLG (centre) presents a commemorative picture montage to Joachim Metzner (L) and Kai Schliephake of Partner Lift


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