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Mecca crane unlicensed

One of the defendants in the trial concerning the fatal crane incident at the Grand Mosque in Mecca in September 2015 has said that the 1,350 tonne crawler crane was not licensed, and that none of the operators and support staff had seen, or in some cases were even aware of the existence of an operating manual.

110 people died, with a further 260 injured in the incident and the defendant - an engineer – is one of 14 from the Binladin group which owned and operated the crane. They are facing a number of charges including the violation of safety rules, negligence and causing death and injuries.

After the incident Liebherr engineers inspected the crane and confirmed that it had been in good working order and that the incident was not caused by any equipment failure. Putting the cause down to a failure to stow the crane overnight as specified in the operating manual in preparation for the strong winds and storms that had been forecast. See Liebherr clears Mecca crane
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Bin laden