Raimondi LR213 arrives in UK

Raimondi tower cranes has erected the first LR213 luffing jib tower crane to arrive in UK.

The new 14 tonne crane was launched last year, with the first units going to a major project in Spain. See Raimondi launches new luffer.

The first unit in the UK has been purchased by Henry Construction from local distributor Bennetts Cranes and has been erected with an 83 metre freestanding tower and a 44.5 metre jib. The LR213 has an out of service radius of 17.6 metres.
The new LR213 has an out of service radius of just over 17 metres

Bennetts managing director Edward Seager said: “We have worked closely with Henry Construction for a number of years, having supplied numerous cranes to them on a variety of different jobsites. We currently have 22 cranes erected in and around London on their sites with new sites due to start later in the year.”

Located in the heart of Wembley, London, the project is a mixed use development by that includes 239 apartments, retail space with commercial use, and a community centre with car and cycle parking. It includes a 21 and a 26 story block which will be the tallest towers in Wembley. The LR213 will remain onsite for two years lifting falsework/formwork, concrete skips, rubbish skips, and boat skips. During the later parts of the construction, the crane will be put to work lifting bricks, blocks, plasterboard and other site materials.
The new Raimondi LR213 in erected in central Wembley, London

“With a free standing 83 metres and four different types of tower sections within the tower build, we were pleased to complete the full crane erection in two days. This indicates a smooth and timely installation, a credit to Raimondi’s quality manufacturing. In addition, Raimondi’s headquarters also flew in a technician who remained onsite with the Bennetts team for the duration of the installation process.”
The new crane was erected with 83 metre tower over two days


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